Since the beginning we have emphasized, "focus on the client and the rest will come" – meaning growth, profitability, brand recognition and all of the other measures of success would ultimately fall into place. We were right, as today we enjoy a position as a clear leader in the custom home building industry in southeastern North Carolina.

While clients, and their successful projects have been the means of our growth, our people have been the bedrock of that achievement. Our staff drives successful projects and commensurately delighted clients. People innovate, people go the extra mile, people resolve challenges, people care – nothing can take the place of talented, dedicated individuals focused on a common goal.

As accomplished as we are as an organization, we have long recognized that strong relationships with subcontractors, suppliers, building officials, regulatory agencies, and design professionals are integral to our ability to deliver successfully. Through building strong relationships across all spectrums of our business, we have been able to deliver our product, which is definably distinguishable from the rest.

Whether we are working with our clients to build their dream, helping an employee build their career, mentoring a subcontractor in building their business, or serving within our community, we are committed to building a superior product and a better world one day at a time. Through research, development, and strategic implementation of our services, the Parker Group's innovative approach to custom home building is simply the best. NEXT »

Christopher Parker, P.E.

As the founder and principal of the Parker Group, Chris brings a plethora of knowledge and leadership to the daily operations of the business. For more than a decade, Chris amassed experience working with global firms such as Lend Lease, Inc. where he successfully created high quality, sustainable property assets while maintaining a constant commitment to safety, quality, schedule, and budget. Chris brings this experience to the Parker Group and has created a culture based on these founding principles and streamlined business processes, creating a unified set of practices that increase efficiencies through out the organization.

Chris currently sits on the board of multiple industry and educational programs including the Cape Fear Community College Construction Management & Technology Program. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of North Carolina and serves as the qualifier for the organizations unlimited general contractors license.

By taking progressive steps to create a culture of safety, Chris' leadership has helped the Parker Group earn the reputation as the safest custom homebuilder in southeastern North Carolina. Personally committed to wellness, Chris has helped introduce company wide efforts to improve and maintain employee health.

Chris is a graduate of North Carolina State University with Master and Bachelor of Science degrees in Civil Engineering. NEXT »

Robert Jarman, P.E.

Robert Jarman joined the Parker Group in 2009 after gaining valuable experience in the concrete construction industry. A dynamic and creative leader, Robert personifies the entrepreneurial spirit that is a hallmark of the Parker Group.

Through his participation in every role within the company - from estimator, to superintendent, to project manager – Robert has developed proven expertise constructing high visibility projects that require specialized skills, sensitivity to unique program requirements, and knowledge in all aspects of the construction process. He is a hands-on leader who prides himself on being readily accessible day or night to each and every project.

Robert has spearheaded innovation within the organization to both better serve our clients and provide an enhanced workplace for the Parker Group employees. He plays a key leadership role in setting the strategic direction of our safety program along with employee retention. Robert is a native of North Carolina and enjoys spending time with his family, hunting, fishing, and navigating the local waterways.

Robert is a graduate of North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. NEXT »

Bill Sellars

A headstrong, dependable and amiable superintendent, Bill Sellars joined Parker Construction Group mid-2015. As an incredibly hands-on leader, Bill has taken his twenty plus years of experience and his attention to detail to reflect that of which Parker Construction Group is. His experience as project manager has positioned him to seamlessly connect and communicate with not only clients, but subcontractors, suppliers, and all involved in the building process. Bill is dedicated to the advancement of Parker Construction Group, and all that the company embodies. While overseeing all craftsmen, subcontractors and those on-site, Bill’s guidance and leadership provides an inspiring work ethic that is portrayed in every phase of the project, as well as the final product.

Prior to joining the Parker Group, Bill spent his years here in Wilmington perfecting his managing skills as project manager for another custom home builder. Bill brings nearly three decades of skill and control to the company. His style of supervision is developed from years of effectively building victorious projects. As a native to Wilmington, Bill enjoys kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing and photography. NEXT »

Randy Beard

A vital member of the Parker Group, Randy Beard has an objective that has proven to be beneficial in the growth and success of Parker Construction Group; his objective is to be a positive influence within the environment in order to craft a workplace that values each individual’s strengths. With tactful communication and immense confidence, Randy is able to effortlessly execute goals and implement strategies that allow for even the toughest jobs to run smoothly.

With an optimistic mind-set and an immeasurable set of skills, Randy Beard’s supervision and work ethic does not go unnoticed. He instills a confidence in the endowed craftsman he oversees, as well as holding all to a high standard. With this approach and dedication to the homeowner’s satisfaction, he is able to deliver a finished product that is distinguished from all others.

Prior to joining the Parker Group, Randy honed his skills from one of North Carolina’s largest & most reputable custom home builders. Randy completed Climate Master Geothermal HVAC Systems Training in 2011. He is an avid volunteer and has strong family values. Randy enjoys reading, walking on the beach, hiking, and drinking fresh margaritas. NEXT »

Chris Martin

Chris Martin plays an active role in Parker Construction Group as the Director of Field Operations; his diverse set of skills and dedication is ultimately portrayed in his supervision. The implementation of his vast knowledge and experience of managing his own company gives him an advantage to each and every project. Chris’ ability to voice his opinion and his strong presence creates a work environment that is upbeat and steadily moving in the right direction while keeping safety intact and the highest of quality. Chris’ set of practices not only influences those he immediately works with, but the company as a whole. He is committed to the details in each project and is not afraid of a challenge.

Growing up in New York, Chris graduated from Ithaca College. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame for swimming in 2005; to this day Chris enjoys any and all athletic activities. His family is of great importance to him, and like many of those living near the ocean, they enjoy fishing, boating and spending time outdoors. NEXT »

Caleb Myott

Caleb Myott, a licensed Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic, carries over two decades of knowledge and talent to his duty as superintendant with the Parker Group. After gaining years of experience as a carpenter and field supervisor, his past has shaped a work ethic that cannot be tainted.

Caleb’s determined and dynamic personality is recognized throughout the company; his unruly attitude allows him to take control and efficiently run any and every crew during each phase of the construction process. With a hands-on approach and self-performing all tasks needed- his background working directly in field, maintaining tools and performing quality control is invaluable like no other. Caleb recognizes the utmost significant aspect of which Parker Construction Group is prideful of, which is focusing on the client and providing an untouchable quality. Caleb is an invaluable asset to the team at Parker Construction Group and continuously showcases his innovation and constant growth as a superintendant.

Prior to joining Parker Construction Group, Caleb Myott was certified in the Aviation and Technologies program at Guilford Technical Community College and completed calibration training and electronic training at the United States Navy Training Center in San Diego. Caleb Myott enjoys spending time at our local beaches with his wife and three daughters, running, and playing soccer. NEXT »

Alison Parker

Since 2007, Alison Parker has been the backbone of Parker Construction Group. As the president of the business, Alison manages all fundamental aspects of the company’s finances. She is responsible for bookkeeping; which includes financial transactions, managing accounts payable and receivable, reconciling bank statements, and completing annual tax forms. Preparing financial statements and reports, Alison’s expertise allow her to efficiently provide and assist with monetary transactions. Her efficiency is critical to the success of Parker Construction Group.

Prior to establishing Parker Construction Group, Alison graduated from Meredith College in 2001; she also took care of all members’ financial needs as the Member Services Supervisor. In her spare time, Alison enjoys spending time with her family, relaxing at the beach, boating and traveling. NEXT »

Collin Carver

Collin Carver joined the Parker Group in May of 2016. He first started as an intern in the summer of 2015 where he gained invaluable knowledge and experience in construction engineering that helped him excel in his final year of college. The skills and lessons learned after only 3 months with the Parker Group gave Collin the motivation and desire to begin his future in this industry.

Collin is a dedicated individual who is just beginning to discover his potential in construction. Through his enthusiasm and unceasing desire to learn he applies a level of commitment and quality to his work. As a project engineer within Parker Construction Group, Collin’s day to day responsibilities range from estimating & scheduling to document control & project management. His stellar organization and technical skills carry him far and make him exceedingly beneficial to the Parker Group. In his spare time, Collin enjoys playing sports such as golf and softball as well as spending time with his family.

Collin is a graduate of North Carolina State University where he graduated top of his class with a Bachelors of Science in Construction Engineering. « BACK